DiRT 21
DiRT 2 Perfect finish! Trophy
DiRT 2 - Perfect finish!
Perfect finish!
My first platinum trophy! :)

I've got DiRT 2 as a part of my PS3 bundle (along with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™) and didn't really expected much from this game, yet it was really fun to play. There were not many skill-based trophies, rather more time consuming, but since playing this game was fun, earning this trophy was fun as well.

The last trophy unlocking this Platinum was the BRONZE: Whose Backyard?. Since the "Throwdown" challenges are generated randomly every couple of races, it took a surprisingly long time before I've got a challenge from Travis Pastrana required to earn this trophy.
23 August 2010, 18:39 CET
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™2
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ Platinum Trophy
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ - Platinum
Before playing my second bundled game (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™), I've decided to start with the first game in the series.

This trophy required some skill, especially the last trophy unlocking the Platinum which was the GOLD: Charted! - Crushing. They took the description "crushing" literally and it was quite hard to earn it.
3 September 2010, 20:08 CET
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™3
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ Platinum Trophy
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ - Platinum
Although there were some difficult trophies on the way (like Steel Fist Expert), this Platinum was a bit easier than the one from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™.

The last trophy was the GOLD: Charted! - Crushing which this time was actually less "crushing" than in the first game.
6 September 2010, 18:34 CET
Next in line was HEAVY RAIN™.

The key to this trophy was repetition. In order to acquire trophies like: All Endings or Perfect Crime, I had to go over some parts of the game multiple times, but it was fun and just the curiosity to see how things play out differently helped in achieving this Platinum.

The last trophy was the BRONZE: Kamikaze. It was by far the hardest sequence in the game that had to be done in a specific order with no mistakes at all. It took 4-5 attempts to get it, though.
8 November 2010, 13:05 CET
Resident Evil 55
Resident Evil 5 Platinum Trophy
Resident Evil 5 - RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy
RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy
This wasn't really hard. Some trophies required a bit of skill (and maybe luck), but the biggest issue was the grinding part.

The last trophy was the SILVER: Take It to the Max. It required a lot of grinding through some most profitable chapter sequences in order to obtain the necessary money to completely upgrade all weapons.
18 November 2010, 14:42 CET
God of War®6
God of War® Trophy of Zeus Trophy
God of War® - Trophy of Zeus
Trophy of Zeus
This was a rather easy trophy. Some trophies along the way, required some skill (or rather patience), but even the Speed of Jason McDonald trophy which was unlocked after finishing the whole game in less than 5 hours wasn't really challenging as this can easily be done in ~4 hours.

The last trophy was the SILVER: Seeing Red. It unlocked upon maxing out all weapons and magic, which wasn't hard on a playthrough with a costume that gives more orbs.
7 January 2011, 18:39 CETT
Resistance 2™7
Resistance 2™ Platinum Trophy
Resistance 2™ - Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy!
This was the hardest platinum trophy I've earned so far.

Most trophies for this game are quite easy, except for the multiplayer trophies, which are very time consuming, especially the GOLD: Killing Machine trophy. It required scoring 10,000 kills in ranked competitive multiplayer games. This alone was the most time consuming trophy I've earned.

The last trophy was the SILVER: Specter Officer requiring maxing out one class in cooperative games so becoming a level 30 medic unlocked the Platinum.
23 June 2011, 23:41 CET
Burnout™ Paradise8
Burnout™ Paradise Burnout Paradise Elite Trophy
Burnout™ Paradise - Burnout Paradise Elite
Burnout Paradise Elite!
This one was by far the easiest platinum trophy, it may even be one of the easiest platinums ever.

For the first time, a game didn't require any completion of any side-quest (side-feature, in this case). There are many things to do in Paradise City, but you don't really have to complete any of them to earn the platinum. The SILVER: Drive through 200 sets of Yellow Smash Gates trophy requires to smash through merely 200 out of 400 available gates and the GOLD: Smash 60 Burnout Billboards unlocks after smashing 60 out of 165 billboards. Even the main GOLD "story" trophy: Earn your 'Burnout' Driving License is awarded after getting "just" the "Burnout" license which isn't the final achievement, after getting it, there's the final "Burnout Elite" license awarded for completing all events.

BTW, yes, all trophies in this game have long names saying exactly what to do to get them and then the description pretty much repeats the same line. This and the ridiculous ease with which this platinum is being served to the player, look as if the developers clearly wanted to use the trophy system just as a marketing move - trophy collectors will buy it just because you can get an easy platinum and tons of other trophies and there's always a chance that some may actually like the game once they just try everything out in the process.

The BRONZE: Invite a friend to join you in Paradise City trophy was the last one to unlock this platinum which happens to be my overall 1,000th trophy :)
2 August 2011, 22:43 CET
FUEL™ Platinum Trophy
FUEL™ - Platinum
For many reasons, this was quite a difficult trophy. On one hand, some of the challenge-races were hard to finish, on the other hand, trophies like Obsessional sightseer or Obsessional painter, for example, were very time consuming as they required to travel all around the map to some very hard to reach locations.

Another huge issue was with the online trophies. Even though they shouldn't appear hard, the problem is that the online part of this game is pretty much dead. Absolutely no one plays it and therefore the only way to get these trophies is through set-up boosting sessions.

The last trophy unlocking the Platinum was the BRONZE: Salt over snow which required to travel across the whole map from the north-eastern to the south-western camp.
1 December 2011, 20:54 CET
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™10
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™ Platinum Trophy
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™ - Platinum
The difficulty level of the Platinum trophies in Uncharted is getting lower in each game. In "Drake's Fortune", the Crushing game mode was very hard all the time, in "Among Thieves" the bar has been set a bit lower and in "Drake's Deception" there are very few places that are challenging enough to consider them "hard", but I wouldn't call any of them "crushing".

The last trophy, unlocking the Platinum was the GOLD: Charted! - Crushing trophy.
16 December 2011, 16:41 CET
Saints Row: The Third11
Saints Row: The Third Kingpin Trophy
Saints Row: The Third - Kingpin
Saints Row: The Third is like a comedy version of a Grand Theft Auto game. Everything is over the top, the game doesn't take itself seriously and it was lots of fun to get this Platinum.

Most trophies in this game weren't hard, but they did require some dedication as some of them were awarded for finishing ALL challenges, conquering ALL city parts etc., but given the fact that the game was fun, it didn't really feel like grinding at all.

The last trophy, unlocking the Platinum was the SILVER: Gangstas... In Space! trophy rewarded for an alternative way of finishing the final mission in the game.
30 March 2012, 18:52 CET
God of War® II12
God of War® II Trophy of Gaia Trophy
God of War® II - Trophy of Gaia
Trophy of Gaia
It was a bit harder than the original God Of War ® platinum just because of one particular trophy.

The last trophy unlocking the platinum was the GOLD: Bleeding Thumbs and this was by far the hardest trophy in the game. It required finishing all "Challenges of the Titans". Even though there were only 7 challenges, the last two (the sixth in particular) were quite hard. In fact, when I did what I though is going to be the final platinum run on this game, I couldn't get pass the sixth challenge and decided to give it a try some other time. March 31st was the day I've finally made it.
31 March 2012, 18:42 CET
Just Cause 213
Just Cause 2 Winner Takes All Trophy
Just Cause 2 - Winner Takes All
Winner Takes All
It's been a year since my last Platinum Trophy and this one was one of the rather difficult ones, but mainly due to the amount time required to achieve it.

Some trophies such as the BRONZE: Wrecking Ball seemed ridiculously difficult but after 4 "regular" wrecking balls, I discovered a (genuine) trick (not a cheat) that makes it very easy to achieve. The most time intensive was the BRONZE: Perfectionist trophy. Even though it required "only" 75% completion, the incredibly vast open world of this game offers so much to do, that this is a fair number to reward the trophy for.

Overall it was a very enjoyable game and I even may take a shot at a 100% in-game completion, but the BRONZE: Trying Everything Once trophy sealed the deal when I've entered the last 104th unique vehicle in the game (which heppened to be the Dongtai Agriboss 35 tractor).
29 March 2013, 16:59 CET
Killzone Platinum Trophy
Killzone - Platinum
This one was time intensive, but rather easy although it required getting used to the fact that you can (and will) easily die in this game.

In many modern shooters, it's hard to die. You can get shot a lot and can finish the game without ever taking cover. That's not the case in Killzone. There's a health bar which only recovers partially and death is around every corner. As if this alone wasn't enough, you don't respawn at the point where you left off, oh noooo... you respawn at the last checkpoint. And that could mean - at the place you were 10 minutes ago.

Nonetheless, it's a fun game and even though you need to complete 4 walkthroughs, one with each character, the game actually changes slightly for each character and wasn't boring.

The last trophy unlocking the Platinum was the BRONZE: Brouhaha trophy - awarded for killing 30 Helghast in under a minute which was surprisingly easy in a certain part of the game.
14 April 2013, 19:04 CET
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